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Smart Lamp & Appliances

Take control of your lights and small appliances with SafeStreets’ Smart Lamp and Appliances. Connect your lights and small appliances to our Z-wave modules provides you with the ability to turn your appliances on and off remotely. Transform your house into a smart home with the help of our home automation experts. Learn more about our ADT-monitoring systems and more by contacting the SafeStreets team today. 

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Increase Convenience

Have complete control of your home with our smart lamp and smart appliances. For example, when you swap your standard light switches with our ADT wall switches, you will have remote control of your lighting, including dimming options.

Increase Security

Connecting your lighting to your smart home automation system allows you to control your lighting while you are away from home remotely. By having a well-lit home, you will deter thieves and increase the safety of your property.

Increase Your Home Automation

No home is complete without a home automation system. Along with remote control access, our smart devices allow you to use voice commands through the Alexa platform, which turn lights, appliances, and more on and off.

ADT Home Security

Unique Features


Match the Smart Plug to Your Needs

Have you ever dreamed of automating your home's lighting and appliances? With the help of SafeStreets, you can remotely control your lights and small appliances at the touch of a button. Each of our smart plugs and switches connects your home's lighting and devices into the ADT app, which offers full access to your home's control center. These smart lamps and smart appliances also help you turn your lights on and off wherever you are, making an empty home look occupied. You will also have access to other connected devices allowing you to turn off appliances after you left home. Along with smart lamps and appliances, SafeStreets also offers a variety of smart devices. Customize your smart home system by contacting our professionals today.

Smart Plug 1 - Home Automation
Smart Plug 2 - Home Automation

Mobile Monitoring

Smart plugs connect with your mobile phone via our mobile app, so you can turn on and off your lights and appliances from anywhere. Work with our home automation experts for help selecting your smart home products and smart plugs.


Professional Installation

A Smart Security Pro will install lights, plugs, and switches. Our Smart Security Pros will also make everything is properly installed and working.

SafeStreets Professional Installation


  • Amazon Alexa Integration
  • Professional Installation
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Universally Compatible
  • Space-Efficient Design
  • Schedule Timed Events
ProductSmart plug
Dimensions3.5 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches
Power120VAC, 60Hz
5.6 oz.
Signal Frequency908.42 Mhz
Z-WaveMesh network

*Equipment may vary in appearance.

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